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New format

In 2020, IT Arena merged the event’s offline perks with a quality TV show like experience and interactive participation. We have been actively working on an enhanced virtual experience to impress even the most discerning audience. IT Arena online included a combination of insightful content, matchmaking and networking opportunities, and interactive sessions.

Two-screen experience

IT Arena brand-new web platform is being paired with a convenient mobile app to allow you to tap in to the event’s immersive experience even on the go.

  • Watch hundreds of hours of expert content and insights from leading global companies and ask questions to speakers during talks.
  • Get personalized recommendations for new connections based on your profile and content views.
  • Participate in giveaways, discover people and companies you want to meet, check out startups, create group chats, and talk directly to other participants.

IT Arena in 4 steps


Get a ticket

After you’ve received your ticket, download our IT Arena app

Create an account

Create an account providing your personal information and interests for AI algorithms to generate matches for efficient networking

Log in

Log in using your ticket

Enjoy IT Arena

Enjoy IT Arena networking opportunities and watch high-quality content