Andreas Flodström

June 3, 2024

Andreas Flodström is a social entrepreneur & CEO; Entrepreneur Of The Year in Sweden (2018), Sollos Pris Finalist (2022), Forbes Council member, and Ukrainian Startup Fund Jury Member. Andreas co-founded Beetroot, an international impact-driven ecosystem operating in Tech and Education. Having evolved from Andreas’s master thesis, the Beetroot ecosystem now encompasses 400+ people across Europe, the US and Asia. Beetroot Tech is the first unit in the ecosystem, born from the idea that tech team extension and work with remote teams can be done in a very people-centred way that doesn’t sacrifice in-house quality. Another ecosystem unit is Beetroot Academy, a tech education company on a mission to help people have great careers in the digital economy. In the 10 years of work, over 12,000 students have trusted the Academy and joined 700+ companies worldwide after completing IT courses.

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