Andrei Karol - photo

Andrei Karol

Country: Ukraine

Position: CTO

Organization: Cardiolyse

How to decrease 68% probability of death from heart diseases with personal digital solutions?

Andrei Karol is a CTO of medical start-up Cardiolyse that helps people to manage the heart and emotional health and prevent cardiovascular disorders.

Graduated from State Technical University (Gomel, Belarus) in 2003 (ranked #1 in class, Belarus President scholarship). In 2007 finished Ph.D. course on Computer Algebra at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia).

Certified Project Manager Professional (by PMI) since 2012.

As a project manager and technical expert, Andrei was leading numerous projects across different domains such as healthcare, social media, mobile apps, ecology, energy, oil&gas, logistic, metal working and technology consulting.

In 2016 Andrei completed rigorous study at Product School by Zeo University and Google.

His passions are to create new opportunities and develop products that bring real value to people.

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