Andrii Pastushok

Country: Ukraine

Position: Principal Product Manager at Sigma Software.

Organization: Sigma Software

Hypothesis Validation

Andrii Pastushok — Principal Product Manager at Sigma Software and author of Product Management course at LITS. His specialties include Product Management and Business Development, along with extensive Information Security domain expertise. Andrii’s certification record covers PMC-IV, CISM, TOGAF, ITIL, ISO 27001 LI/IA, HIPAA CT.

Andrii makes sure that the company’s clients get the best product development services experience and help clients and product managers close possible gaps and provide respective oversight, guidance, and practices to meet their objectives.

Speech Overview:

Hypothesis applies to any aspect that relies on research, and it’s crucial for Product Management and User Experience professionals to know where and how to do it right. We will look at best practices and uncover the process of hypothesis selection and prioritization.

General Concept
How to Form the Hypothesis
How to Design Tests
Look at Common Tests and How to Combine Those
Optional (Practical part)