Andrzej Butra

Country: Poland

Position: Workplace Change Manager

Organization: Nowy Styl

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I am a Workplace Change Manager with 20 years of experience in the field of business management. Passionate about people, culture, development, and archaeology, including alternatives. Indeed, exploring ancient sites often shows that their true history can be completely different from what is written in official books. I’m also a trainer, coach, mentor, and consultant. As a trainer, I love helping people to develop presentation skills, build teams, gain managerial skills, and understand sales processes. I studied English Philology and that is why I have great fun training in English. Naturally, I also train in Polish.
So far I have successfully run a 33 person sales team, presented at ELT conferences, supported the professional qualifications market in Central Eastern Europe, and ran consultancy for a number of SMEs. My training portfolio includes companies like Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, UPC, Rohde&Grahl, Jacobs, Europtima.
Since 2018 I have been working for Nowy Styl – the number one office furniture company in Europe. First I was a Trainer and Management Consultant where I trained and coached the Customer Service Department in communication skills as well as ran a complex market segmentation program. I have also implemented a Leadership Academy program. I am now a Workplace Change Manager and focus on supporting organizations to go smoothly through the process of office change. This includes communication, building employee engagement, adaptation, and evaluation. My current role still includes training at the managerial level.

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