Bogdan Ponomar

September 12, 2023

Bogdan Ponomar brings over a decade of experience in software development, business strategy, and community building. His passion for building communities and developing AI/ML talent led him to co-found Gathers, a groundbreaking upskilling startup that unites top AI/ML minds and makes their expertise accessible to professionals across the AI industry.

Bogdan has the privilege of serving as a Board Member (ex-CEO) of AI HOUSE, which is a part of Roosh tech ecosystem, where he played a part in creating Ukraine’s largest AI/ML community. Through a series of events and initiatives, our team brought together talented individuals to learn and collaborate.

During Bogdan’s six years at Ciklum, he had an opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth and success. His role as a negotiator, strategist, and partnership manager allowed him to forge new relationships with international clients and deliver on their needs.

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