Bohdan Kit

Country: Ukraine

Position: Head of Product

Organization: Tumblr

Leading remote and distributed product teams

Remote work is what John Keynes would preach if he was alive. It revitalizes small towns, reduces emissions and brings about cross-cultural collaboration. With headwinds from a COVID-19 pandemic, it became not just a trend, but the future. It’s not the answer for every company, as it presents a plethora of challenges for innovation, product excellence, and team engagement. However, if done strategically, it will be a huge competitive advantage.
Speech Overview:
Some of the points we’ll touch upon:

⁃ Effective remote collaboration practices: async vs. sync communication, handling timezones, avoiding silos;
⁃ Hiring, onboarding, and performance management in a distributed workplace;
⁃ Maintaining camaraderie and serendipity in your remote team.