Bohdan Popovych

Country: Ukraine

Position: Director of Technology Office

Organization: Capgemini Engineering

Diving into the unknown: key pillars to ensure successful start in a new domain 

Bohdan is a senior executive at Capgemini Engineering Ukraine with about 20 years’ career in tech industry. He joined Lohika/Capgemini Engineering team as a software engineer and has been working in the company for about 10 years. Now Bohdan is responsible for driving innovations and strategic development at Technology Office Capgemini Engineering Ukraine.

Speech Overview:

Success in the tech industry is about trying something new and offering solutions that may not existed before. Yet trying the unknown is always about risk and a high chance of failure.
What makes the difference between adventure and professional challenge? In this talk, we will share our experience on launching new domains and analyze key factors ensuring a successful start even with limited resources.