Christof Leng

Country: Germany

Position: SRE Engagements Engineering Lead, SRE Manager II

Organization: Google

Ten things we've learned from running production infrastructure at Google

Christof Leng is the engineering lead of Google’s SRE Engagements group. The teams in this area manage the programs, best practices, and tooling for successful SRE/developer engagements. In his six years at Google, he has managed and worked on various parts of Google’s production infrastructure, including Cloud, Ads, and internal developer tooling. He holds a PhD in computer science from TU Darmstadt, where he researched distributed systems. Christof has been a postdoc at the International Computer Science Institute and the University of California Berkeley. He served as a vice-president of the German Informatics Society and the chairman of the German Pirate Party. 

Speech Overview:

Google’s production infrastructure might be one of the most complex machines that humanity has built so far. It is constantly changing and evolving. Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are the specialists to manage and improve the architectures, tooling, and operational procedures that enable Google to keep its products reliable, scalable, efficient, and agile. This talk will discuss a number of fundamental organizational principles that Google SRE has learned over the years