Dave Karow

Country: United States of America

Position: Continuous Delivery Evangelist

Organization: Split

Powering Progressive Delivery With Data

Dave has three decades of experience in developer tools, developer communities, and evangelizing sustainable software delivery practices. He has held programming, product management, and product marketing roles at Sun Microsystems, Gupta Technologies, Remedy Software, Marimba, Keynote Systems (Dynatrace), SOASTA, and BlazeMeter. Dave’s current passion is demystifying progressive delivery, especially the ways it enables better outcomes by removing constraints and building-in feedback loops.

Speech Overview:

We build pipelines to automate processes and minimize human toil. Have you applied this same approach to how you expose new features to users and measure the impact? Progressive delivery may be relatively new as a term, but the underlying practices of progressive experimentation (where features are gradually rolled out to users and statistical engines are used to detect impact during the rollout instead of after) are not.
We’ll discuss the layers, and benefits, from the foundation up.