David Schwartz

Country: Israel

Position: VP Product

Organization: WIX

User Obsession at Wix

David (Dedi) Schwartz heads Wix’s Product Management. He also heads up Wix’s innovative eCommerce platform (Wix Stores), as well as the Wix platform for offering and monetizing services (Wix Bookings). He is the successful founder of several start-ups including Jogli (DMG), a music search engine, and PeerApp Technologies, a provider of P2P caching systems to ISPs.David holds an LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Drawing on his vast and diverse experience, he has guest lectured throughout the high-tech industry and at illustrious venues such as NYU, Columbia University, the Hebrew University, and other MBA programs. He lectures on topics ranging from product development and management to marketing and innovation trends. David is an avid cook, a Ducati fanatic, and will not hear a single word spoken against Star Trek

Speech Overview:

You can’t really develop good products in a highly competitive market, without having a close connection with your users. It’s the only way.
In this talk, we’ll find out what it means to be a user-obsessed company, and what value it brings to our users. Is it the methodology of collecting feedback, a mindset, or something else?
We’ll discuss why user obsession is so important, and how it impacts product decision-making at a company with more than 30 products, serving over 200 million users worldwide.