Deborah Fairlamb

Country: Ukraine

Position: COP Market and Industry-led Development Lead

Organization: USAID Cybersecurity Activity

Cybersecurity Products and Services Rapid Market Assessment presentation

Deborah Fairlamb is an executive level professional with 20+ years of corporate, entrepreneurial and government experience crossing countries, cultures and companies.
Since 2015, Deborah have specialized in investments and business development in Ukraine, with a particular focus on the tech sector and startups. Work included coordination of the launches of two, new, innovative initiatives for the Government of Ukraine to drive national level economic growth.
Since September 2021 Debora has joined the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity team as Market & Industry Development Lead, working on the development of resilient cybersecurity industry in Ukraine.
Previously, Deborah had managed global marketing and business platforms that substantially increased awareness, revenue and clients for UBS and Merrill Lynch. Extensive experience in the United States was the foundation for a transition to strategic planning for and execution of new businesses in Ukraine, Israel and Georgia.