Denys Fedenko

Country: Ukraine

Position: Delivery Manager, Automotive segment

Organization: Intellias

Why Is There No Autonomy Without EV Routing?

42Denys Fedenko has started his career as a QA, eventually spending four years in automotive projects management. Having 8 years of professional experience in IT, he’s been working with logistics, telecommunication, and cyber security. He currently specializes on navigation and automotive stack, especially in the EV area.

Speech Overview:

AD and e-vehicles are cohesive elements. Many vendors associate autonomous driving with sensors, perception, and decision-making, whereas little attention is given to EV navigation. But autonomous driving has no future without autonomous charging. Our experts will highlight key differences between EV and traditional routing. Apart from that, they will overview the EV features, which are the key enablers for e-mobility whether it is passenger or cargo.