Dmytro Kovryhin

Country: Ukraine

Position: iOS Tech Lead

Organization: Uklon

Benefits of unit testing and challenges in adopting TDD on iOS

Dmytro started his IT career over 8 years ago of which over 5 years he dedicated to Uklon’s ios apps. Throughout these years he helped to add numerous new features to both Rider and Driver apps moving them from backend to backend, changing appearance and backbone fundamentals, building in-house frameworks, and choosing best-suited third-party technologies, setting the tone and battle-tested best practices for development in his team.

Speech Overview:

In this talk, we will share tech/uklon experience in utilizing tools for unit testing available for our iOS team. What surprising benefits have we succeeded to obtain and what challenges do we still struggle to overcome? There are numerous sources of information about TDD on iOS available online. Articles and videos, books and courses, with theoretical explanations and examples. The idea of writing tests-first and having minimum requirements for test coverage doesn’t meet much criticism among developers. In practice, however, it seems like not every team has adopted TDD in their workflow yet. Are there any hidden obstacles?