Errol Koolmeister

Country: Sweden

Position: Former Head of AI Foundation

Organization: H&M

Scaling AI

As head of AI Foundation for H&M, Errol is currently working on overseeing the AI ​​projects running at the H&M group. Prior to H&M, Errol worked as a Director of Data Science for ThinkBig Analytics, a Teradata company where he was responsible for setting up and delivering on AI projects across the Nordics, Eastern Europe and Russia. Prior to that he was in London as a Lead Data Scientist for the Vodafone group, but he originally started his career in Nordea bank where he spent about 10 years in various analytics roles.

Speech Overview:
The talk is about sharing the journey & learnings from building a world class AI function that builds scalable software for the entire H&M group. In the talk we will go through the tech stack behind it and some of the key enablers for us to scale and drive value from AI. H&M will go through how they have spent the last few years going from limited and scattered efforts to a centralized department with more than 120 people delivering value on a daily basis with AI.