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Evan Madden-Peister

Country: United States of America

Position: Mentor

Organization: Starta Accelerator


Consultant, Business Strategist, Project Manager, MBA with 10+ years of experience driving organizational success through the strategic leadership of innovative, progressive projects.

My professional foundation is within the food & hospitality space; having also graduated from the International Culinary Center and worked as a consultant and entrepreneur in the industry. I built on my prior hospitality consulting experience by completing an MBA and consulting for clients across industries and geographies. My expertise spans over marketing, business development/sales, product ideation/development, and business model design across diverse market settings. Repeated success serving as an integral member on cross-functional startup teams.

An articulate, creative, and entrepreneurial manager with excellent communication skills and a proven track record of forging meaningful relationships across a myriad of environments and cultures.

Specialties: management consulting, innovation, business design, business development, marketing and brand strategy, project management, and cross-functional team management

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