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Igor Fesenko

Country: United States of America

Position: Application Architect

Organization: SoftServe

Tips From The Trenches: How to survive in Software Engineering

He is passionate about designing and developing distributed, scalable and secure web applications and cloud-enabled solutions. Proficient in C# & Microsoft Azure, has managed and assessed multiple projects focusing on high performance and large data solutions, taking advantage of all the features and capabilities available on a target platform. His current focus is on the building and improvement of scalable and secure web applications, cloud-enabled applications and operations. Igor is also a contributor to a number of Open Source projects and a speaker at local and international technical conferences, meetups and user groups.

Speech Overview:

In this session, I will take you through the entire process of application development and how to avoid possible issues on each stage. In a modern world turning an idea into a working piece of software is simple in theory only.

Over the years, as a lead engineer on different projects, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I can teach you how to make those same mistakes and I will unlock the best practices and the essentials based on real-world stories from my practical experience.