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Iulia Pasov

Country: Germany

Position: Senior Data Scientist

Organization: Sixt

Trends in sentiment analysis. The entire history from rule-based systems to transformers

Iulia Pasov is a senior Data Scientist working for Sixt SE, as well as a PhD student in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology and a WiDS Ambassador. As a Data Scientist, Iulia focuses on building AI-based services meant to optimize car rental processes, as well as pipelines for automatic training and deploying of machine learning models. For her studies, she searches ways to improve learning in online knowledge building communities with the use of artificial intelligence.

Speech Overview:

Sentiment analysis is one of the most known sub-domains of Natural Language Processing (NLP), especially used in the classification of feedback messages. This talk will condense over 15 years of research on different approaches in sentiment analysis, as they evolved during time. The audience will be guided through the advantages and disadvantages of each method, in order to understand how to approach the topic given their needs.