Ivan Diorditsa

Country: Ukraine

Position: Senior Software Engineer & Teamlead

Organization: Luxoft

How would you move mount Fuji or getting upskilled to meet market expeсtations

Ivan has 14 years of experience in IT, 9 of the commercial.
A certified python expert with experience in fintech, Docker, microservices, cloud computing, Ivan is always open to share his experiences, thus is a practicing Python instructor and group coach.
As open-source Linux distribution developer and seasoned enterprise architect, Ivan also has a solid background in system programming, Linux kernel programming, driver programming in the following areas: networking, wifi, storage systems, high load.

Speech Overview:

Self-upgrading and professional growth – the things that remain vital in the modern IT world.
“The more you work the more you earn” rule will never work if exclude self-development and learning from it.

During the presentation we`ll discuss:
– Upgrading and reskilling hacks for the modern IT specialists
– Certification programs: myths and reality
– The most effective ways of upskilling and being able to get an offer a day:)