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Joel Arvidsson

Country: Germany

Position: Principal Engineer

Organization: Klarna

What You See is What You Get – a case for visual testing

Experienced software engineer, currently working mainly in JavaScript and React Native. Passionate about open source and building delightful mobile experiences

Speech Overview:

Components are commonly tested with snapshots of the rendered DOM. While it’s beneficial when working with untested legacy systems, often it’s a high noise and high maintenance approach that easily lets regressions slip by. It’s now considered bad practice having it as the single testing strategy.

Loki is a visual testing tool that has similar benefits as snapshot testing in that it’s quick and easy to get started, but fewer of the downsides – refactors are not flagged as regressions and discerning desirable from unintended changes is much easier. Last year it gained a place in the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar and has since matured to support advanced use cases with massive parallelization using lambdas.

The talk outlines successful strategies for visual testing in general, pitfalls to avoid and how to get started in under a minute