John Griffin

Country: United Kingdom

Position: Senior Designer

Organization: Ford Credit Europe

Normalising failure and making way for success.

John Griffin is currently paving the way for new explorative ways to bring Design to the forefront of the Ford Credit Europe products.
With a background co-founding design consultancies Wolfcub and Pack, he’s spent the last 8 years honing his craft on clients including ASOS, HSBC, Diageo, and Google alongside helping a multitude of start-ups launch their ideas. When John’s not going deep on bringing product ideas to life, you can find him behind the mic podcasting, running the industry event Product Unleashed, or talking about his favorite 80s films to anyone who will listen long enough! 

Speech Overview:

Why are we so afraid for our ideas to fail?
Is failure just learning with a bad reputation?
The idea of our ideas failing can not only hold us back from making a start on something but can also leave us in an endless loop of all-talk-no-action.
For teams to truly be successful, failure needs to move from elephant in the room to engrained within your DNA.