Kostiantyn Antonenko

Country: Ukraine

Position: UX Designer

Organization: WIX

OKR Evolved: Setting meaningful goals for early-stage products

Kostia works at Wix Payments on the future of the financial management experience for small businesses. Besides that, he develops the company’s UX community and culture. Together with the team Kostia launched Wix native payment provider and constantly improving online payment infrastructure for 700,000 Wix users.

Speech Overview:

Setting goals and key results with OKR methodology is a “go-to” when building a product strategy. But not for a completely new product with all the conditions being uncertain.

In this Wix fintech product study, Kostia will walk you through the framing of user problems and identifying its root causes with the Theory of Constraints. Next, he will share the details of shaping the comprehensive product hypothesis with a logical diagram and its further transformation into meaningful goals.