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Kostiantyn Bokhan

Country: Ukraine

Position: Lead Software Engineer

Organization: N-iX

CD4ML based on Azure and Kubeflow

Kostiantyn Bokhan, a technical lead at N-IX, focuses on data science projects. He leads data science projects in several areas: Computer vision, NLP, and signal processing as well as consults clients regarding digital transformations with AI. When free, he conducts research in the deep machine learning area. Kostiantyn has been an associate professor and faculty member of several universities since 2002. His research focuses on machine learning, deep learning, signal, and image processing. He received a PhD degree in network and telecommunications systems with research in digital signal processing in 2013. He has served on the scientific committees and review boards of several conferences.

Speech Overview:

Applying machine learning to make business applications and services intelligent is more than just training models and serving them. It requires implementing end-to-end and continuously repeatable cycles of training, testing, deploying, monitoring, and operating the models. Continuous delivery for machine learning (CD4ML) is a technique that enables reliable end-to-end cycles of development, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models. There are a lot of tools and frameworks that can be used to implement CD4ML. One of them is Kubeflow. Our experience of using Kubeflow for implementing CD4ML for the manufacturing area based on Azure Kubernetes service will be described in this speech.