Leonid Khedyk

Leonid Khedyk

Country: Ukraine

Position: CTO

Organization: PLVision

Embedded is dead

Leonid Khedyk is a Chief Technology Officer at PLVision, a software engineering and consulting company specialized in Computer Networking and Internet of Things. Leonid has been working in the Networking and Embedded Systems industry for more than a decade, having landed in Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, and IoT fields over the past years. He possesses a diverse technological background formed on the clash of legacy Networking approach and SDN, and has contributed to the development of SDN since its early days.

Embedded software is no longer what it is used to be ten years ago. SDN (Software Defined Networking), NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and IoT (Internet of Things) have made it from buzzwords to must-haves in the modern technological world. Networks can be established and fully maintained in a virtual environment; centralized network control provided by SDN technologies makes network management more cost-efficient and flexible than ever. Internet of Things tears down the boundaries in machine-to-machine communication in Smart Home, Industrial Manufacturing, Wearables, and many more technological segments.

This presentation will address:

–          Historical drivers for network virtualization and IoT

–          How Moore’s law enabled moving computations from special-purpose equipment to high-performance commodity hardware

–          PLVision’s experience and contribution to this transformation reflected in 10 years working in Computer Networking, Embedded Systems, and IoT

–          How this technology transformation impacts development of software products and solutions.

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