Lyubomyr Senyuk

Country: Ukraine

Position: R&D Director at Avenga

Organization: Avenga

Federated Learning: data protected, or not?

An experienced executive and an industry practitioner of 20+ years, Lyubomyr had been pioneering R&D before it became mainstream across IT. He is leading the creation of novel digital solutions for the Avenga clients to maximize their market impact.
Throughout his career path, Lyubomyr has served as a driver and visionary of technological innovation for a number of companies both in Ukraine and in the EU. He is a keynote speaker and a presenter at tech conferences all over the globe.
Speech Overview:

Together with Olena Domanska and Ostap Viniavskyi, we will talk about a comparatively new area of Machine Learning called Federated Learning. The approach is when data for ML stays on local environments and the model is aggregated. What is the current state of this technology, why did it appear, who are early adopters of this technology and what difficulties are still there on the horizon?

We will describe our experience with one of the open-source platforms for Federated Learning as well as competitive tools and approaches. Additionally, we will think together about data privacy and how it is impacting the vector and speed of technical progress nowadays.