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Michael Shchur

Country: Canada

Position: TV Host

Organization: Ukrainian Public Broadcaster

How IT can use Ukrainian Public Broadcaster. We are ready to support IT-sphere

I was born on March 5, 1982, in Kazakhstan (then Kazakh SSR). At the age of 3 months, I moved to Ukraine. I grew up in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. I’m Ukrainian and a citizen of Ukraine.

After finishing school, I entered the Faculty of Journalism at the Ivan Franko National

University of Lviv and graduated from the Department of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

In autumn 2003 I started to work as a journalist for “Lux” TV Company in Lviv.

In 2006 I moved to Kyiv and worked for the K-1 channel on the journalist position.

From January 2007 till December 2009, I worked for the “Inter” channel. I used to be a

reporter for the program “Details of the Week”.

In January 2010 I started working as a journalist for Ukrainian Service of BBC.

In June 2010, I became a chief editor of the information service at “ZIK” TV channel, which had just been created. From September till November I worked as a TV-presenter at “View of the Week” program as well. In November I quit this job.

After that, I worked as a journalist on the morning show “Breakfast 1+1”.

Since February 2012 I had worked as a senior editor of the show “Ukraine is speaking”, later I was promoted to the editor-in-chief position.

In March 2013 I started to work as an author and TV-presenter both, at the program “But

there is one “but” (AEOA), where I played a role of Michael Shchur. In April 2014, I started the shooting of the new program “Welcome to the Throne” in cooperation with “Hromadske TV”.

In 2014, together with my co-thinkers, I created a public organization “Ukrainian Television of Toronto” and continued producing programs with me as a TV-presenter in the image of Michael Shchur. In October 2014 we started broadcasting of our program “Uteodyn” on TV channels UA: Pershiy, Hromadske TV, and 24-Channel.

In spring 2014 I was called in the Ukrainian army and served there till October 18, 2016.

On November 6, 2016, our organization “Ukrainian Television of Toronto” started producing a new program «#@)₴?$0», with me as a TV-host playing a role of Michael Shchur.

On May 27, 2017, I started working as a board member of PJSC “NSTU” – Public

Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, which includes: 2 national TV channels, 3 national radio stations and 23 regional broadcasters.

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