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Nadine Schöne

Country: Germany

Position: Senior Solutions Architect

Organization: Dataiku

The Complete Data Value Chain in a Nutshell

Dr. Nadine Schöne is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dataiku in Berlin. In this role, she deals with all aspects of the data value chain for all users – including integration of data sources, ETL, cooperation, statistics, modelling, but also operationalization, monitoring, automatization and security during production. She regularly talks at conferences, holds webinars and writes articles.

Speech Overview:
How can you get the most out of your data – while staying flexible in your choice of infrastructure and without having to integrate a multitude of tools for the different personas involved? Maximizing the value you get out of your data is a necessity today. Looking at the whole picture as well as careful planning are the key for success. We will have a look at the complete data value chain from end to end: from the data stores, collaboration features, data preparation, visualization and automation capabilities, and external compute to scheduling, operationalization, monitoring and security.