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Oleg Paliy

Country: Finland

Position: CEO and co-founder

Organization: GameDev Talents

25 years of the Finnish games industry

Oleg is originally from Ukraine, but has been living and working in Finland for about 15 years now. Today Oleg is leading agile games recruitment agency based at the heart of the Finnish games industry Arcade 5 / Maria 01 Campus. Oleg has software development and technology background from Nokia, focusing on managing complex mobile R&D development projects that became part of the Nokia devices. He has both technology and business higher educations from Finland.

Speech Overview:

Let us introduce you to the Finnish games industry and discuss the opportunities there are for the talented Ukrainian developers and studios. We will talk about history, current state, most used platforms, challenges & opportunities and factors that enabled such a successful global growth of Finnish studios. We believe that are many opportunities for Finnish and Ukrainian game developers to create amazing games and succeed together