Oleksandr Akulenko

Country: Ukraine

Position: Chief Product Officer

Organization: Prozorro.Sales

Selling for billions. The long journey of govtech startup that makes markets digital in Ukraine

Oleksandr is able to find solutions and workarounds when obvious solutions are too expensive (his team was recognized with “Doing More With Less 2019” award from Apolitical for the maximization of impact, while minimizing the amount of resources we have used. This award is to recognize the teams developing efficient policy solutions that effectively tackle pressing issues) He has an expertise in legal writing and creating products based on regulations (preparation of technical part of regulations that influence electronic trade system, including Law “On Privatization of State and Communal Property”, Resolution of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine “About approval of the procedure for holding electronic auctions for sale of subjects to small privatization and determination of additional terms of sale”, Bankruptcy Code of Ukraine, Law “About lease of the state-owned and municipal property”). Oleksandr has an excellent organizational skills (able to coordinate tasks and launch products that requires active involvement of several teams or stakeholders, coordination of ~50 partners connected to our system, experience of organizing conferences and expeditions), deep analytical skills (creation and validation of hypothesis, based on customers interaction with the product and my prior experience) Oleksandr has a broad development knowledge gained through his work and study experience, including requirements analysis, business analysis, product management, software design principles. He is interested in creating products that make people’s lives better.

Speech Overview:

Breaking the rules in the public sector. Brief history of Prozorro.Sale
How to create something new in a field that has existed for several thousand years?
Product mindset in lawmaking. How to connect legislation and MVPs?
And what is the connection between the Land Market in Ukraine and the Burning Man?