Oleksiy Skrypnyk

Country: Ukraine

Position: Co-Founder

Organization: Eleks

LvBS. IT specialists in their 50s: is there room for more?

Back in 1991, Oleksiy created a company that reflected his passion for moral values in business and ongoing excellence. Over the years, his managerial genius transformed ELEKS into one of the leading software engineering companies in Eastern Europe. Oleksiy’s versatile personality is a key to his success as a passionate and effective speaker, a respected teacher, trainer and expert in power engineering. In 2014, Oleksiy left the position of CEO and took on the role of external adviser on strategic business matters.

Speech Overview:

• There is a stereotypical career trajectory in IT — developer, lead, manager, and top. Otherwise, you can be deemed as a loser.

This stereotype has partially appeared due to the industry’s youth: when young managers entered the HR area, they, consequently, started creating the “young” patterns.

But they all have grown up. So, what is next? What can (or should) be the career trajectory of a dev who would happily continue writing his beloved codes and give up the idea of entering management? What is the dev’s career prospect?
• How should we transform the lifelong learning model of IT specialists, taking into account the current stage of development and prospects of the industry?
• Ageism and other stereotypes in IT — what are they, why do they appear, and what to do about them?