Olena Zhukova

Country: Ukraine

Position: Software Engineer

Organization: Wix

Developer 2.0

Olena is a front-end developer who’s thoroughly integrated with the product she’s working on. This is what Lena says about herself: “I’m certain that nowadays it’s not enough to just be a developer – to do your job well you also need to be a little bit of a product manager, somewhat a designer, and a bit of a client support person”.For over two years Lena has been testing this theory of hers at Wix Groups.

Speech Overview:

A good developer can write good code, comprehensive code that works. I call the next engineer development stage “Developer 2.0”, which occurs suddenly when someone who used to be an alpha-engineer makes a decision to stay with a project instead of leaving, realizing that product mission makes sense and that the product itself is a teamwork effort. “Developer 2.0” knows the product, as well as their client, does, as they share the same goals of making a successful product. Surprisingly, such developers start to speak with their clients using a common language. All of a sudden, we get a clear answer to the “why do we need this?” question. For this to happen, every developer needs to be able to understand the product they are working on. A developer has to not only be able to tell their client that certain client demand is technically impossible or would be overly resource-consuming, but also suggest more simple options, or even a simpler/better one.
My presentation will focus on how to become a Developer 2.0 and why you would want to do it.