Pavlo Khliust

Country: Ukraine

Position: Head of Product at Star

Organization: Star

Office 2.0: Using AI to create post-pandemic workplaces where people grow and thrive

Pavlo is an executive-level product manager with over 10 years of experience in developing and commercializing software and hardware products.He’s also the author of several tech patents in the retail and real estate  industries.

Pavlo is passionate about bridging business together with innovation and high-performing teams, which he believes are critical for success in today’s ever-evolving  world.That’s why Pavlo’s focus is on developing resilient strategies and managing agile teams at scale.Being a change evangelist, Pavlo is continually inspiring organizations to play the new game with new rules.He has strong expertise in applying best business practices in the IT, Retail, FMCG & Consumer Electronics industries.Moreover, he understands how best to deliver products and expand complex businesses through innovation while always keeping  the customer at the core.

Speech Overview:

The speech will be online due to the speaker’s covid case.
The Star team will be waiting for you at the meetup location.

We are living in a time of change, and the hybrid work model has become our new reality. That’s why office life wouldn’t be the same anymore and should be re-thought.
At Star, we believe that the power of AI is here to help us build a perfect workplace, optimize existing ones and make them more comfortable.
We use AI to conduct an in-depth analysis of office spaces and life at them to see how many people work at the office and what working patterns they have.
Using machine learning tools our system recommends a customized hybrid workplace design that meets the way employees work and helps to increase their well-being level, productivity, and workplace efficiency as well.
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