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Roman Mogylnyi

Country: Ukraine

Position: CEO & Co Founder

Organization: Reface

Three pillars of a successful deep learning startup: the story behind Reface

Roman has been working with deep learning technology for the last nine years. The startup Neocortext (the predecessor of Reface) was focused on natural language processing and soon it pivoted into computer vision. For some time, the team functioned as an ML studio, providing services to Hollywood post productions.

In 2018, the team created the first app based on the face swap technology – Reflect. In 2020, Reface was launched, a face-swapping app in videos and GIFs. It started a new era in the company’s life as well as a whole new market of content personalization. Now, Reface has 50 million installs and has become the first Ukrainian-born app that reached #1 in the US App Store and TOP positions in 100+ countries.

Speech Overview:

In September 2020, Reface became a #1 app in the American App Store, outpacing Netflix, TikTok and Youtube. It has reached 50 million installs in a short period of time and continues to revolutionize the market of content creation. Behind the success, there is a story of great and wrong decisions and understanding of three main pillars that transform super cool ideas into a super cool company:
– technology
– team
– product

Roman will share some personal stories and also approaches Reface use in their work.