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Roman Pavlyuk

Country: Ukraine

Position: VP, Head of Technology Office

Organization: Intellias

Enterprise IT Transformation and technologies that make it happen

With more than 17 years of experience in IT, Roman has outstanding expertise in top-of-the-line IT consulting and advisory practices and delivering the high-value services. He is proficient in technologies, product management and business analysis, as well as leading large scale programs for emerging and enterprise markets. Roman’s experience in driving transformation projects for US and Middle East clients is extremely valuable for Intellias in terms of reaching the company’s goal to become an advisory partner for its clients and partners. Currently, Roman is holding a VP Technology role and leads on the Technology Office organization with a focus on IT advisory and excellence.

Co-speaker – Yaroslav Ravlinko, Head of IT Advisory and DevOps Group, Technology Office at Intellias.
Yaroslav has been working in IT industry since 2008, delivering more than 50 projects in different domains across the globe. In the last few years, he’s been cooperating with high profile clients to provide guidance and support on their organizations’ journey to digital transformation. He worked with the biggest retailers in North America and tech giants such as Cisco, Dell, Suse, and Canonical. His most significant recent project is Data Science Platform (ML) developed in collaboration with Dell, Canonical, SUSE, and Intel (officially announced on February 2020). Today, he is a head of the IT Advisory Group at the Intellias Technology Office.

Speech Overview:

Why distributed SQL databases will dominate the Big Data world and how technologies like Kubernetes can help in achieving that.

Part 1: IT Organization Transformation
The main pillars of IT organization transformation;
The main trends and finding the right balance between hype and actual usefulness;
Technologies and platforms that will have the biggest impact on our lives in the future
Part 2: Big Data is dead, long live big data?
“Did Google Send the Big Data Industry on a 10-Year Head Fake?”
Spanned vs Hadoop
Spanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database;
Spanner and BigQuery (design and architecture);
Why distributed SQL databases will dominate the “big” data world;
So, what’s next?