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Rune Theill

Country: Netherlands

Position: Co-founder and СЕО

Organization: Rockstart

Most common five mistakes done by startups

Rune Theill is an entrepreneur, investor, and the CEO and co-founder at Rockstart, one of Europe’s first multi-vertical accelerators that provides startups with access to capital, market, community and expertise. Prior to building Rockstart, he launched a couple of startups, one that failed pre-market and one that slowly grew over four years before being sold to a competitor.

Before moving from Copenhagen to Amsterdam to co-found Rockstart, Rune took an active role in the Danish startup ecosystem working part-time for Venture Cup and co-organizing the Startup Weekend series of events. Rune serves as an advisor to many startups, including 3D Hubs, Crowdyhouse, CoffeeStrap, Bomberbot, and Codeplace. He is also a jury member at Venture Cup.

Rune is an experienced ecosystem builder in specific vertical domains, such as Digital Health, Smart Energy, and Artificial Intelligence. His expertise lies in business strategy, personal and team development, marketing strategies, and fundraising.

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