Sam Rapley

Country: United Kingdom

Position: Senior Vice President, Engineering and Delivery

Organization: Ciklum

Project to Product: The inside story

Sam is an experienced and highly motivated leader who has delivered several multi-million-pound, multi-award-winning digital transformation outcomes for Central Government. Sam has extensive experience setting up and managing large-scale, technically complex agile deliveries. Thereby creating solutions that have delivered significant savings and introduced dramatic improvements to business outcomes and users. Sam has introduced cutting-edge delivery practices to his organizations. These have dramatically reduced time to market, significantly increased the speed and frequency of releases while improving quality. Sam has a proven track record of taking on failing programs and turning them around to deliver success by restructuring and introducing appropriate processes and practices. His technical background allows him to challenge complexity and strike an appropriate balance between business and technical delivery.

Speech Overview:

Delivering a product from a standing start in 9 months is tough. Tougher still is launching something that users love to use and the team loves to create. How to switch from project to product organization? How to ensure team-driven product enhancement? We’ll give you the inside story, in the raw.