Sandra Golbreich

Country: Lithuania

Position: CEO, Co-Founder

Organization: Baltic Sandbox

Cap table explained: from FFF to Series Z

EO and co-founder of Baltic Sandbox accelerator, early-stage investor, mentor at TheNextWeb, ChangeMakers’ON, Alterstate, BuildIT, Tech Minsk, Sevan Startup Summit, She Loves Tech, VEFRESH, and many other acceleration and incubation programs and hackathons. Co-founder, CEO, and lecturer at Business Angel School: education programs for the EU-based business angels.

Speech Overview:

What is a capitalization table? Why do startups need to think about it from day one? How should your cap table look like from VCs perspective?
While working with startups, I found out that every second startup has no idea about the capitalization table. I’ve also seen cases when VCs didn’t invest because the cap table was bad.
So what’s “good” and what’s “bad” from investors’ perspective? And how should your cap table affect your fundraising strategy and decisions?
Let’s figure it out during the workshop.