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Shamus Rae

Country: United Kingdom

Position: Partner, Head of Innovation and Investments, KPMG UK

Organization: KPMG

4th industrial revolution and chance for UA businesses to re-invent themselves and compete with the established players

Shamus has over 23 years’ experience in Back Office transformation cross-industry and a broad in-field knowledge of undertaking Operational Strategy work for various global clients, from Investment Banks through to major Leisure companies. In 1993 he disrupted the BPO industry by building the first multi-function, multi-client BPO business.

Shamus later joined PWC Consulting as a Financial Services Partner before that was acquired by IBM. He then went on to build IBM’s first BPO operation in India and followed that by building dozens of Shared Service Centres around the world and in 2004/5 was managing a series of centres with 17,000 staff in Asia, Europe and the Americas, delivering Banking Operations, Insurance Claims, Finance, HR, Procurement and Call Centre services to clients globally. With the emergence of advanced automation Shamus is now leading the Automation Proposition covering everything from advanced robotics all the way through to Cognitive Computing. And all this in addition to his 120 km a week cycling addiction.

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