Stas Matviyenko CEO at Allset

Stas Matviyenko

Country: Ukraine

Position: CEO

Organization: Allset

How to Partner with Google and Raise Funding from Top US Investors

Stas Matviyenko, CEO at Allset. It’s a food pre-ordering platform that ensures faster dine-in and pickup services at restaurants and raised over $10M in total funding from top VCs including Andreessen Horowitz.

Previously, Stas built the largest mobile loyalty program in CIS countries, Advice Wallet, and later launched the first mobile payment app in Eastern Europe, Settle.


Allset is a Ukrainian startup that raised over $10M in total funding from top VCs including Andreessen Horowitz, was featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, WSJ, and Entrepreneur, and partnered with Google and Apple.

Allset’s CEO Stas Matviyenko will share his experience on how to raise funding and partner with leading companies in the US without any previous connections.

You will learn how to attract interest from any person or company with the right message, even if it’s a cold email. Stas will also share his strategy on how to manage and motivate teams in a startup.

After this speech, you will have a clear idea of what it takes to connect with leading VCs and companies without spending 5+ years of your life to figure it out by yourself.

The speech will be interesting for CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and engineers.

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