Tetiana Derkach

Country: Ukraine

Position: L&D Team Lead, Parimatch Tech Academy Lead

Organization: Parimatch Tech

Modern IT Education: Trends and Challenges open discussion with Parimatch Tech Academy mentors

Tetiana has more than 15 years of experience working with L&D projects in Fortune 500 companies working in Middle East, Central and Western Europe markets in FMCG, energy solutions, pharma, and IT sectors. She is devoted and passionate about creating the best learning experiences and designing educational projects that make a difference and engaging the most talented students and brightest, professional mentors.
Tetiana already for more than one year is developing Parimatch Tech Academy, a systemic educational project for talented junior IT specialists, covering both theoretical and practical areas, inspiring challenges, and providing an opportunity to join one of the most successful and innovative product companies. Parimatch Tech Academy learning process is focused on the development of innovative gaming solutions and exposing students to essential skill-sets, such as teamwork and collaboration, effective communication, and critical thinking. More than 100 students successfully graduated from Parimatch Tech Academy already and 95% of them started their career with Parimatch.

Speech Overview:

Tetiana with other experienced mentors will talk about components of effective and efficient educational programs, how does IT education and IT career are connected. As well as during this session, will be presented the new educational curriculum of Parimatch tech Academy.
The session will be interesting for those, who are just starting their career in IT, as well as for professionals that would like to upgrade their career and start a new professional path