Tiit Paananen

Country: Estonia

Position: VP of Engineering

Organization: Veriff

The Evolution of Testing on the example of Skype, Pipedrive and Veriff

Tiit joined Veriff on 2018 with a goal to scale engineering to become leading identity verification provider for marketplaces, fin-tech and e-commerce platforms. His background is in Quality Engineering and testing. Before Veriff Tiit spent 3 years in Pipedrive building continuous deployment process where app was updated 60 times per day without any negative impact to customer and in Skype 8 years where gradual releases of features made Skype leading rich communications platform of its time.

His non-profit activities include contribution to IT education programs, shaping entrepreneurial landscape and being an advocate of labor force mobility in IT sector in Estonia.

Põhjala Brewery as a hobby project has grown to 4th largest brewery in Estonia and a proud member of TOP100 breweries of the world by Ratebeer. Tiit is also an active pilot and a skydiver.

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