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Timo Wagenblatt

Country: Germany

Position: Head of Quote-to-Cash Products

Organization: SAP

Holistic Product Management in a nutshell

Timo is VP of Product Management at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. As Head of Quote-to-Cash Products for SAP S/4HANA, he shapes and drives the development of products that service underserved customer needs all the way to valuable product adoption for both customers and SAP. He is dedicated to Software Product Management for more than 20 years working with clients and product teams across the globe building world-class enterprise solutions. His passion can be best described as continuously improving product management maturity while focusing on customer and company success by evangelizing and showcasing product-mindset.

Speech Overview:
Many hands and many brains are required to build software products, introduce them to the target market segments, and keep the software products successfully in the market. In this session, Timo will explain why holistic software product management is the only option to be successful.

He will explain by introducing a holistic software product management approach and referencing multiple case studies, how you will be successful as you:

  • Understand and manage all required ingredients for product success
  • Consistently assess the weak and strong areas of the product
  • Decide where focus is required and (time) investments are essential