Timur Turlov

Country: Kazakhstan

Position: CEO

Organization: Freedom holding corp

Global success is quoted: the path from a startup to the international holding Freedom Holding Corp. with a capitalization of $ 4 billion

Timur Turlov is a Founder and major shareholder of Freedom Holding Corp.
Timur Turlov is an entrepreneur and financier, founder, and major shareholder of Freedom Holding Corp. Specialization: portfolio asset management and development of options strategies with limited risk.
For over 14 years he has been working in the sphere of international investments, an expert on the US stock market. Head of International Markets at the investment companies Utrade and Nettrader. He founded the investment company Freedom Finance in 2008. He has a 1.0 qualification certificate from the Federal Service for Financial Markets. Freedom Holding Corp. – is a financial holding company, engaged in retail brokerage, investment advisory, securities trading, underwriting, and investment banking services. It operates through Freedom Finance subsidiaries in nine countries.
Freedom Holding Corp. is a professional member of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), Astana International Exchange (AIX), Moscow Exchange (MOEX), St. Petersburg Exchange (SPB), the “Toshkent” Republican Stock Exchange (UZSE), and the Ukrainian Exchange.
Timur Turlov’s company became the first financial organization in the CIS to be listed on NASDAQ. The holding’s common shares are also traded on KASE, SPB, and the Ukrainian Exchange. The capitalization of the holding amounts to about $4 billion.

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