Vitalii Bondarenko

Country: Ukraine

Position: Head of Data & Analytics CoE

Organization: Ciklum

AWS Data Platform Architecture design and implementation. Cases of building low-latency Data Services, Cloud Data Analytics, & ML Platform in AWS Cloud

I’ve been designing data-centric systems for the last 20 years and have gained huge experience in OLTP, DW, and BI/ML platforms. During five years, I was involved as a Solution Architect in Cloud Data projects and have adopted different innovative approaches for Fast Data Processing and Machine Learning. Currently, I lead the Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence and build expertise in cloud data services.

Speech Overview:

During the session, we will look at cases of building 3 types of data services in AWS Cloud: low-latency Data Services, Cloud Data Analytics, and ML Platform. We will cover popular cloud data components and technologies, such as Aurora PostgreSQL, Apache Spark, Snowflake, and AWS Glue. In the end, we’ll go deeper into a practical case of building low-latency data access services based on CQRS architecture, different approaches in performance measurement, and architecture design.

We’ll discuss:
AWS Data Platform Architectures
Low-latency Data Services
Cloud Data Analytics
ML Platform
Data Architecture design and optimization