Volodymyr Andriienko

Country: Ukraine

Position: Head of Data Science & Analytics

Organization: Uklon

Using data for discovering new products

Volodymyr Andriienko – Head of Data Science & Analytics at Uklon. The team is engaged in the development of data warehousing, searching for insights and product analytics. The main task is to develop and integrate DS solutions for product decision-making. A number of the following project projects were implemented under his leadership: forecast and supply/demand balancing services, models for user’s churn prevention, anti-fraud solutions, and matching services for users with similar routes. Prior to working at Uklon, Volodymyr has involved in analytics and Data Science projects in the following domains: telecom, music tech, dating, digital ads, payments, etc.

Speech Overview:

We will talk about our matching system. It is used by our new product UklonShare to automatically pair riders together with overlapping routes. This feature allows us to provide a cheaper ride for all passengers.
So what exactly makes our clients use it? And how we passed our way testing hypotheses and building our matching system based on the ML approach? Let’s discuss.