Walid Negm

Country: United States of America

Position: Executive VP, Chief Research & Innovation Officer

Organization: Capgemini Engineering

Agents of change: how to defend growth in a world that likely will remain unpredictable?

Walid Negm is the Chief Research and Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President for Capgemini Engineering. He is responsible for the emerging technology strategy and bringing the latest innovations to R&D clients globally. Walid oversees Capgemini Engineering’s Research and Innovation Labs with over 200 scientists and engineers that are incubating new businesses in software-defined vehicles, digital therapeutics, hydrogen, and advanced aerial mobility. Most recently, he led the team that launched Capgemini’s Edge Compute platform to help scale the company’s market-leading 5G business. Walid is also on the governing board of the Linux Foundation Edge. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University and an MBA from The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Speech Overview:

As companies look toward to life after COVID, there is a need for a post-pandemic innovation agenda to defend the growth that most companies are starting to see today. A digital-first mindset will be necessary to help sustain unforeseen shocks to the system by following several product development trends including: (1) Eclipsing the physical with software by focusing on scaling of operations; (2) Getting gains from digital productivity in a cumulative way across the engineering discipline. (3) Rallying on environmental sustainability offers by teaming with the public sector for acceleration.