Ярослав Ажнюк

Yaroslav Azhnyuk

Country: Ukraine

Position: CEO & Co-Founder

Organization: Petcube


Yaroslav is a co-founder and CEO of Petcube, makers of the best-selling pet cameras and software that connects people to their pets. Petcube products enable people to see, talk, play, and treat pets remotely while keeping pets safe and healthy.

Yaroslav was born and raised in Kyiv and got his Computer Science Masters Degree at Applied Math faculty of Kyiv Polytechnics Institute. Prior to Petcube, he founded SM Digital, an internet marketing firm, which he later sold to Prodigi, then the market leader. He also founded Internet Initiatives, an NGO dedicated to spreading the knowledge about the use of the latest technologies among the educators, students, media influencers and NGOs. Yaroslav currently lives in San Francisco, where Petcube is headquartered and visits Ukraine regularly to work with Petcube R&D team in Kyiv. He is actively involved with a number of Ukrainian communities and civic initiatives.

Yaroslav is interested in how technology changes society and how it can be used to build sustainable businesses that improve lives of people worldwide, especially, the less fortunate ones. He is particularly interested in the potential to reinvent the way people learn.

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