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Yaroslav Ravlinko

Country: Ukraine

Position: Head of IT Advisory and DevOps Group, Technology Office

Organization: Intellias

You don’t need Kubernetes. You need to understand the ideas behind it.

Yaroslav has been working in IT industry since 2008, delivering more than 50 projects in different domains across the globe. In the last few years, he’s been cooperating with high profile clients to provide guidance and support on their organizations’ journey to digital transformation. He worked with the biggest retailers in North America and tech giants such as Cisco, Dell, Suse, and Canonical. His most significant recent project is Data Science Platform (ML) developed in collaboration with Dell, Canonical, SUSE, and Intel (officially announced on February 2020). Today, he is a head of the IT Advisory Group at the Intellias Technology Office.

Speech Overview:

We will discuss the reasons why Kubernetes won’t change a lot outside the infrastructure providers’ world and why it’s not the best option for you. Why is it more important to understand the concept behind this platform rather than use Kubernetes itself? How Kubernetes managed to become the platform for computation, while OpenStack didn’t? What other alternatives might work better for you? When to use and not to use Kubernetes?