Eve Stankiewicz

Країна: Poland

Посада: Product Manager and Coach

Організація: SPARTEZ

How to lead if you are not the boss

Eve is a product management practitioner with 13 years of experience in software development. At Spartez she works as a Principal Product Manager for Jira, the top project tracking solution from Atlassian. Her lifelong passion is helping people to leap, level up, find their true calling and become better humans & leaders.

Speech description:

Product Managers don’t achieve anything on their own. Behind every product’s success there are months worth of effort of whole teams. With goals, deadlines and pressure. Product Managers normally don’t have formal authority to force people to work for them within those boundaries. If they want to be successful in the role, they need to adopt ways to excite and engage people to work with them. In this talk I will share lessons learned from 13 years of getting things done with teams and individuals, without bossing around. Join me, if you want to learn how to act like a human product leader.

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