Serhii Kuprienko

Країна: Ukraine

Посада: General Manager of Research

AI for 1 and the million - changes that drive you crazy

GM of Research, previously Program Manager of Research. Previously, Head of research in FF Group – world’s best ARM-based license plate recognition technology.

Live events history:
– Data science UA 2019 and 2020 – speaker and panel discussion
– Mariupol 1991 hub opening event 2019 – panel discussion
– Armenia ML/Big Data conference 2019 – speaker

On a side note: Serhii covers a part of the KMBS “Big data / ML for top managers” program, titled “no BS AI” ASPEN participant

Speech Overview:

What happens when you change a smart feature for 10M customers? What if you know that some of them will be unhappy? How to plan, execute, and survive that? – ML and CV, deployed to AWS and devices. How we roll out changes with new corner cases – Smart video doorbells and security cameras product lines; the case: roll out of the feature update to 10M devices – Tech details: we’ll briefly talk about what is present and what is missing in modern frameworks. Work with video, work with a lot of videos

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